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Daily Weather Report (Issue Date: February 23, 2024)

Weather Forecast
In the coming days, there will be cloud cover over the central, southern, southwestern, and eastern parts of the country. Therefore, from Amhara region the south Wollo zone. From Oromia region, West Showa, Jimma, Ilubabor, West and East Hararge, West Arsi and Arsi, Borena, Bale and Guji zones of Bench Sheko, Sheka, Kontana Kefa zones; from Southwest Ethiopia region; From Gurage, Silte and Hadiya zones of Central Ethiopia; From South Ethiopia region Wolayta, Gamo, Gofa and Konso zones; From Gambella region; Majang and Anuwak zones; All the Sidama Region Zones; From Somali region; Dawaa and Liben zones of the Harar and Dire Dawa will receive light to moderate rainfall at some places. On the other hand, in Gambella; and in the northwest; Numerical forecast data indicate that the maximum temperature of the day will be more than 35 degrees Celsius in the northeast and southeast areas.
2024-02-09-22 Weather Summary
Yesterday, they had cloud cover in the western parts of the country. Along with this, they received a light amount of rain in a few places in the West Wollega Zone of the Oromia region. On the other hand, in Gambella; In Afar, Somalia, Southwest Ethiopia, and West Amara areas, the highest temperature of the day was recorded as above 35-40 degrees Celsius.
City Forecast

Stations with Extreme Measurements (2024-02-23)
Stations with Maximum Temperature
# Name Daily Maximum Temp
1 Addis Ababa (Bole AP) 11.5°C
Stations with Minimum Temperature
# Name Daily Minimum Temp
1 Addis Ababa (Bole AP) 25.1°C