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Belg2023seasonal, hydro met & flood monitoring Bulletin


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Amongst Kiremt rain benefiting catchment during June, except some parts of upper Tekeze, middle awash, Wabishebele and eastern Abay catchments the rest will be experienced wet to humid moisture condition. From July to September all kiremt benefiting catchments will be remain under wet condition. All reservoirs and dams will have a better chance to capture enough water in this Kiremt 2023 season. The occurrence of heavy fall is significant across many portions of Kiremt moisture benefiting basins. Due to this excess rainfall will be expected over Kiremt benefiting catchments. As a result, probability of flood, flash flood, rivers overflow and land slide is expected at places of flood prone area and rugged places of the country respectively. Sectors involving water development and early warning activities should be aware and prepared to protect the adverse effect of intensive rainfall during this season.

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