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March_2023 hydromet & flood monitoring bulletin


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Coming April Belg season moisture condition is performing the pick rainfall in most parts of Belg moisture benefiting catchments. According to this in the coming month Belg moisture will have better amount moisture condition and it covers wide areas over most catchments. Sometimes in some places the occurrence of heavy fall will performance in most catchments. In line with this in the next April, most parts of, Abay, Genaledawa, OmoGibe, Rift Valley, BaroAkobo, Awash, Lower and middle Tekeze, and Upper and Lower AfarDenakel catchments will expect Humid to Wet moisture condition. However this type of better amount of moisture event will have good contribution for availability of water. The other side, the recurring high amount of moisture may be leads to flash flood and riverine flood; therefore should ready for give response and taking action.

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