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During the third dekade of August 2018, rain bearing meteorological phenomena was strengthening in amount and distribution over most Meher producing and kiremt rain benefiting areas of the country. This situation had a good effect on the water supply of different crops at different levels of growth and productivity. In addition, water and grazing were contributing to gardens, vegetable fodder and pastoralist and Agro-pastoralist areas. On the other hand, there was heavy rains in some north, southwest, west and middle areas, and immediate floods were found in some areas, with a significant impact on crop growth, soil protection, and human and property development. These include hurricanes, storms, and windstorms in Wogel Tena caused damage on crops, and heavy rainstorms in Bodti caused damage on crops and plants. In contrast, wetlands in the last few days have contributed significantly to pasture and water supplies for pastoral and Agro-pastoralist areas in the lowland regions where lowland water shortages were present

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