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The moisture performance of May had better performance over south, south western, south Eastern and central river basins. Accordingly most parts of BaroAkobo, OmoGibe, Abay, Wabishebele, Genaledawa, Rift valley, lower Tekeze and most part of upper and middle Ogaden catchments were preformed wet to semi humid weather condition. The rest most of Awash, upper and middle Tekeze, AfarDenakel, lower Wabishebele and lower Ogaden basins were dominated under dry and semi dry condition. The occurrence of heavy fall were observed over most Belg rain benefiting over South, Central, Northern and South western half of the country catchments, hence most of Abay, BaroAkobo, Omogibe, Rift Valley, upper and middle Genaledawa, upper Wabishebele, some parts of upper and lower Awash, divided place of lower Afardenakel and upper Tekeze catchments were received from one to Four days. The maximum frequency of heavy fall days was recorded over Rift Valley and Genaledawa basin at Hagrimarham and Dolomena station for four days respectively.

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