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Belg_2019 Assessment


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During February and March most Belg rain benefiting catchments were preformed sub humid to humid moisture condition. According to this most of, OmoGibe, Rift Valley, Abay, Eastern BaroAkobo, upper Awash, Abay and upper part of GenaleDawa catchments were received rainfall. The river basins which were got rainfall during this month had a chance to harvest rain water. During April all Belg benefiting catchments were experienced wet to humid condition and the better moisture performance was observed. This condition had better contribution for water option to minimize the shortage of water. In addition to this some dams along Belg benefiting catchments were shown increment of water level. In May many catchments including western and north western catchments were received rainfall. The occurrence of heavy fall was observed during March to May all main river basins. The impact of this event had both negative and positive consequence along those catchments which received heavy fall. The positive impact of intensive rainfall was contributed for the availability of water resource, while the frequent occurrence of heavy fall was caused flash flood and landslide which causes the loss of life and property. In the case of these phenomena along Awash, Wabishebele, Genaledawa, Rift Valley and OmoGibe catchments were experienced flash flood and land slide.

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