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11-20 December 2019


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During the first half of second dekad of December 2019, the wettest condition was observed over both climatologically dry areas as well as for some of Bega rain benefiting areas in the southern section of the country. Although this is the time of conducting harvest and post-harvest practices for most Meher crop growing areas, field report showed that much part of the country experienced unseasonal rainfall and some places including Mieso 46.2mm, Bahir Dar 37.8mm, Bulen 32.6mm, Mash 30.4mm, and Moyale 53.0mm, also received heavy fall. However, after the passage of mid of the dekad, most places subjected to the Bega season dry and sunny weather condition. The analyzed moisture index also depicted that moist to humid moisture condition was exhibited in much of the southern, south-eastern and some of the eastern parts of the country and it also extended to some of the northwestern and the western section. Given the fact that, this dekad is characterized as the time of harvest and post-harvest activities for most Meher crop growing areas, the observed wettest condition might disrupt the on-going harvest and post-harvest activities.

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