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Agro_met November 1st dekad Assesment and 2nd Dekad Forecast 2018


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During the third dekad of October dry moisture condition prevailed most of the northern, northeastern, eastern and central parts of the country. In addition, except in some pocket areas, much of the northwestern part of the country was also under the influence of moderately dry to dry moisture condition. This condition is believed to be favorable for harvest and post harvest activities of fully matured Meher season crops. However, this condition might be negative for crops which were lately planted and currently found at various growing stages and requiring additional moisture for their further development. On the other hand, enhanced moisture condition was observed over the southern and southwestern parts of the country. In line with this, south and west Oromia, Gambella, BenishangulGumuz, south Somali, eastern Ethiopia, south Afar, east Amhara and centeral part of the country experienced light to moderate amount of rainfall. In addition heavy fall was also reported in different parts of the country, such as over Abebo 33.2, Delomena 46.5, Dila 31.4, Ginir 68.0, Majete 30.2, Tepi 35.2, Moyale 41.6, Gimbi 39.6, Bale Robe 42.3, Assosa 59.4, Sirbe Abay 40.2, Alem Teferi 47.5, Gewane 46.6, Maji 30.2 and Wanbra 30.8mm of rainfall.This situation was believed to be more favorable for perennials plants and various crops which are found at different growing stages toward attaining their water need for further growth and development.

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