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BELG 2018


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In the coming Belg season, the moisture performance over most Belg benefiting catchments will gradually improved after end of March. The western and south western catchments are expected to have normal to above normal amount of rainfall and the rest Belg rain benefiting catchments will have normal to below normal rainfall. Increment of temperature will be observed in Belg months over most of the basins. According to this, the occurrence of high temperature and long dry spell phenomenon will aggravate the loss of water due to evaporation. April and May rainfall will have benefit for GilgelGige1, Fincha and Lake Tana reservoirs and for water availability along Awash, upper Wabiahebele, eastern Abay and Rift Valley catchments. Though, it should be noted that Belg rain has small contribution for surface runoff. We advise to keep on hand water resource and in addition to this, catchments which face moisture stress should harvest rain water as much as possible

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