August_2019 (Monthly Agrometeorologicals)

during the month of August 2019, a meteorological weather phenomenon was strengthening in amount and coverage over most part of Kiremt rain benefiting and Meher growing areas of the country. In line with this, Tigray, Amhara, Benshangul-Gumuze, Gambela, SNNPR, western and central Oromia, southern high lands, eastern parts of the country, Harari, Dire Dawa and northern Somali received slight to heavy rainfall. This situation could have a significant and positive contribution with respect to satisfying the water need of early sown long cycle crops (Maize, sorghum) which were at different phenological stages, late sown cereal crops like (Teff, wheat and barley), pulses (beans, peas and haricot beans) and oil crops perennial plant as well as it improved pasture and drinking water availability over pastoral and agro pastoral areas of the country. On the other hand, during the month under review, extreme heavy fall were reported in many places from different weather stations in the range of 50 to 126 mm in one rainy day. The observed continuous and high humid moisture condition might have cause soil erosion and water logging particularly where land is sloppy and in areas where normally affected by excess moisture.