Jan 11_20 2019 (Dekadal Agrometeorologicals)

During the second dekad of January 2019, the analysed agro meteorological information indicated that all parts of the country had subjected under dry moisture condition. In connection with the prevailed dry atmospheric condition some of southern, northern, central and eastern high land areas experienced night and early morning chilly and frosty conditions. In line with this, some of below-mentioned places exhibited less than 5 degree of minimum temperature. Jimma, -1.6, Mehalmeda -1.8, Bati -1.5, Debrebrihan -1.2, Haromaya -0.8, Bishoftu -0.6, Jigijiga 0.0, Wegeltena 0.8, Bale 2.5 and Machew 4.2 0C. Even though the dry moisture condition was favouring to conduct harvest and post-harvest activities, it was somewhat negative impact on various horticulture crops, vegetables and fruits as well as livestock production.