may 2018 (Monthly Health)

Assessments of May 2018 rainfall, temperature and humidity with respect to the distribution of malaria, values of monthly mean temperature 180C to 32oC was observed over most high and low land areas except Some Central highland parts of the country and those areas of the country was below 18 oC shaded in deep blue colour and Eastern Afar and Northern Somale was above 32 oC . At the same time most parts of Southern, South Western and Western parts of the country recorded above 80 mm of monthly total rainfall (fig. 1a) and 60% and above monthly mean relative humidity was recorded over Southern, South Eastern and South western parts of the country. Based on the above explained the climatic conditions for favourable for the survival and distribution of malaria was observed over most lowland areas of Western Benishangulgumz, western oromia, Gambela, SNNPR, Southern and South Eastern Oromia and South Western Somale Regions of the country during the month of May 2018.